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// RULES //

 - keep funfetti in the show name
- one pet per litter please
- feel free to rename, gender swap, brex, etc.
- mpa, delete, or return if you no longer want them
- all petz are freebies unless otherwise noted



desie (f) | jacco (m) | dango (m) | frei (m) | vitto (m) | liliana (f)

i'm bringing back the late 90's with this adorable and nostalgic border collie litter! the border collie breed was one of the very first hexes ever done in the petz community. sadly, no one seems to know or remember who actually created the original file. it was all the rage though in the late 90's/early 00's! for this litter, i bred together two of my beautiful and very high gen tamsins with a border collie ow in! so no extra files are needed. (i actually used this bc file and then for the final two in the litter i used this one!)

UPDATE: i just learned from shaina @ kizmet that the original border collie file was hexed by nora @ silver moon kennelz! you can find her old petz 3 website here!



prisma (f) | julio (m) | melo (m) | otto (m) | gryff (m)

funfetti's very first lab mixie litter! both parents came from the lovely rho~ i was so excited to breed these blue-eyed cuties! prisma and gryff both have cream chest patches. julio is an adorable harlequin lab! melo and otto both have white chest and snout patches ^^



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