a visit to funfetti isn't complete without taking home a cute, new pet!

i absolutely love to hex and breed litters, so please check back regularly to see what i have to offer here. i hope your new adoption will bring you joy and happiness!

[ rules ]

- limit of one adoption per litter
- please keep funfetti in the show name
- feel free to rename and/or gender swap
- mpa or return to me if you no longer want them

note: hexed petz require an app or trade, while bred petz are freebies

[ dalis bred w/ pastel spot ow ]

charmglitter ∙ bubble ∙ aurorasnugglepipsqueakfluff

i've been recently working on my first breeding ow and decided to try breeding some dali mixies with it in. i absolutely love how adorable they all turned out with their soft little pastel spots! they look so good wearing the pastel bows and crowns i have up for download too, hehehe. i hope you'll adopt one into your loving home! ♡

[ hexed peanut butter collies ]

mudpie ∙ bliss ∙ pinda ∙ enzo ∙ delight

aah, one of the oldest and most beloved hexed breeds: the border collie. i gave it a delicious peanut butter makeover with some warm browns, spot work, and loads of texture. again, these hexies require a traditional app or a hex trade.

[ form ]