a visit to funfetti isn't complete without taking home a cute, new pet!

i absolutely love to hex and breed litters, so please check back regularly to see what i have to offer here. i hope your new adoption will bring you joy and happiness!

[ rules ]

- limit of one adoption per week
- please keep funfetti in the show name
- feel free to rename and/or gender swap
- mpa or return to me if you no longer want them

note: hexed petz require an app or trade, while bred petz are freebies

[ velveteens ]

jacob ∙ patchy ∙ angelinalatterubi ∙ dustina ∙ jones

sweet, sweet velveteens. the best cat breed there is! they're so adorable with their bwsh face and cuddly, persian personality. this was a special litter i bred for peachpup! i used a few different velveteens from my crew to breed this litter, so they're from a mix of parents!

[ pewter x moonbean ]

tinaiced coffeebraveheartgizmoblue boot

a sgch tamsin litter that i bred for amanda! again, such a great dali pairing. i love how braveheart's little black spot on his chest patch looks like a heart in his photo. blue boot is a grey tamsin with a little bit of blue on his feet. tina looks so much like her dad, pewter.

[ wesley x marigold ]

mimikiki ∙ lulu ∙ lala ∙ zuzu

stripy alley catz! all kittens have a white chest patch. i was excited to get four different coat colors out of this litter! i love all of the eyes colors too. my pick of the litter would have to be zuzu as i love the slothy eyes paired with the tan coat and white patch. but they're honestly all so cute!

[ milo x cornflower ]

lofty ∙ willow ∙ nobleenigmasinister

it's meezer time! these were all bred with cargo's smoke & tabby ow, but only lofty and sinister need the external textures. little lofty would be my pick, but keep in mind that she has sleepy sickness (so needs extra love and care, ok?) i love noble's white whiskers and the texture over sinister's white tail tip!

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