a visit to funfetti isn't complete without taking home a cute, new pet!

i absolutely love to hex and breed litters, so please check back regularly to see what i have to offer here. i hope your new adoption will bring you joy and happiness!

[ rules ]

- limit of one adoption per week
- please keep funfetti in the show name
- feel free to rename and/or gender swap
- mpa or return to me if you no longer want them

note: hexed petz require an app or trade, while bred petz are freebies

[ velveteens ]

equinoxgastonmeeko ∙ orchard ∙ lonmaple

sweet, sweet velveteens. the best cat breed there is! they're so adorable with their bwsh face and cuddly, persian personality. look at all the selfie lids i got in this litter! i used silverfish's textured oshie ow for this litter, but there are no external texture files needed for them! pol is meeko who has a persian personality, but shakes like an oshie due to low confidence... omg~ my heart. bred petz are all freebies here BUT if you want meeko you need to write me an app, hahaha.

[ heeler dali mixies ]


amanda recommended i try out the blue heeler ow from waverly and i went mad breeding pups with it. gosh, they come out so adorable using this breed file! i just love the markings they get from it. pol is bluebell, as it used so much of my willpower to resist adopting her. i'm also head over heels for chia's cute poodle ears, d'awww.

[ munchkins ]

booth ∙ cyrus ∙ quintinaprima ∙ marmelade

i've been dying to try out pinto's new munchkin file, and it did not disappoint! they truly are cute lil munchkins, and i'm obsessed! pol would have to be quintina cause she's such a sweetie and has a gorgeous color combo.

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