Welcome to my hex archive! This is where I share all the exclusive hexed breeds I’ve made. You may see litters of these unique petz up for grabs under my adopt page from time to time.



Breed Name: Cremelo

Base File: Great Dane

Date Hexed: July 2002

Comments: This was my very first hexed breed and I was SO proud of it as a child. After leaving the pc for 18 years, and having sadly lost all of my old files, I never thought I’d see this gorgeous hex again. Lucky for me, I reconnected with an old friend on RKC named Stancy, and she still had a copy of my Cremelo breed file to send me! I was completely blown away and beyond excited to both see and own it again ♥



Breed Name: Christmas Dalmatians

Base File: Dalmatian

Date Hexed: November 2020

Comments: After rejoining the pc, I decided to take on a small custom breed project to get myself back into hexing. I recolored the spots, ears, irises, and eyelids of the Dalmatian to make them festive for the upcoming holiday season. I’m really happy with how adorable they turned out! It was so fun and nostalgic to open up a Petz file in a hex editor again.


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