looking to expand your petz' wardrobe with some new pieces? you've come to the right place! here you can find some new, hexed clothing items to add to their closet.

[ rules ]

- files are for petz 4 only
- unzip and place them in resource/clothes
- do not edit, convert, or redistribute them in any way
- as with all downloadable content from the internet, use at your own risk

[ pastel crowns ]

having your favorite petz wear crowns was a big trend back in the early 00's, and now we're bringing it back in style with an adorable twist: a pastel collection of them!

download here

[ mini pastel bow duos ]

why wear one bow when you can wear two?! these mini bow duos come in 8 different pastel shades. these little bows look absolutely adorable next to your petz' ears!

download here

[ pastel plaid sweater collection ]

a soft and pretty set of plaid sweaters in pastel shades. comes in pink, yellow, green, blue, and slothy purple. they're perfect for matching with your funfetti pastel bows!

download here

[ pastel side bow collection ]

a collection of eight pretty side bows in my favorite pastel eye colors! these look really cute when you match them up with your petz' irises. the hexing base used for these side bows is from pbalik.

download here

[ santa hat bundle ]

a festive pack of different coloured santa hats for your game. this bundle includes a plaid one, a green one, and a pink one (with light pink trim!)

download here