here you can find an assortment of hexing bases that i've created and decided to share with the community. feel free to use them to create your own personal hexie or to create a whole litter to put up for adoption.

[ rules ]

- files are for petz 4 only
- all of the hexed breed bases are overwrites
- unzip and place them in resource/dogz or resources/catz
- as with all downloadable content from the internet, use at your own risk

- please give credit where credit is due when using my bases!

[ mini sheepie base ]

mini, no-grow sheepies were all the rage back in the early 00's. i was obsessed with these little floofs! these have the same scales as the ones when we were kids. i'm very, very particular about mini sheepies scales (as rho can attest, haha!)

download here

[ mini alley cat base ]

alley cat, but make it cute! this is one of my favorite bases to hex with. i've turned the ob alley cat into a mini, no-grow version. i removed their fangs and also adjusted their eyes so they are the same size and have a thinner outline.

download here