you've now arrived at funfetti's magical toy workshop! here you will find lots of new hexed toyz for your petz to play with. i try to keep my creations as close to the original p.f. magic aesthetic as possible. hope you enjoy them!

[ rules ]

- files are for petz 4 only
- unzip and place them in resource/toyz
- do not edit, convert, or redistribute them in any way
- as with all downloadable content from the internet, use at your own risk

[ cheesy yellow food bowl ]

cheese flavored kibble with a small piece of real cheese on top! i made this special bowl for bentley after learning that his favorite flavor was cheese. the internal adjectives have been hexed so that the bowl's flavor is cheese and color is yellow. your fromage fanatic petz will love it!

download here

[ sweet pink food bowl ]

petz adore the sweet-tasting kibble inside the funfetti pink food bowl! the internal adjectives have been hexed so that your pet can see that the bowl is pink. the flavour of the kibble has also been hexed to taste sweet like the cotton candy treats!

download here

[ butterfly terrarium ]

add a pet butterfly to your game with this beautiful terrarium! the butterfly’s realistic, random movement pattern is sure to make any room come to life. i'm really proud of how this toy turned out, and i hope you love it as much as i do!

download here

[ magical soundscape radio ]

a brand new type of toy! funfetti's magical soundscape radio will automatically play and randomly mix together the beautiful sounds of nature (chirping birds, babbling brook, insects, etc.) to create a relaxing spring/summer atmosphere in any playscene you take it to. unlike the music box, there is no on/off button, so the sounds continuously play while you have the radio out!

download here

[ golden watering can ]

upgrade your watering can to this gorgeous gold one, stuffed full of freshly picked flowers from the backyard! it's perfect for spring and summer, and can be used to both decorate your home and to water your plants (or petz!)

download here

[ rudolph plushie ]

an adorably soft rudolph the red-nosed reindeer plushie. your petz will absolutely love playing with him! his nose lights up when you or your petz pick him up and he will also play a cute little jingle for you.

download here

[ talking santa doll ]

here comes santa claus, here comes santa claus, right down petzy lane! turn your sound on because this fun talking santa doll has three classic holiday sayings! (voiceover courtesy of my husband, hehe)

download here

[ candy cane hot chocolate ]

yummm, a pretty candy cane mug full of delicious peppermint hot chocolate! a festive way to warm your petz up during those cold winter months.


[ bentley's yellow toy bundle ]

while naturally raising bentley, i discovered that he loved everything in the game that was the color yellow. so, while running with this fun theory that it's his favorite color, i decided to recolor a bunch of toyz to yellow for him to enjoy! inside this zipped bundle you will find a yellow pillow, sneaker, brush, and food bowl. each toy's internal color value has been changed so that your petz can see that they're now yellow!

download here