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[question #1]

which p.f. magic game came first?

[question #2]

how many show points are needed for the supreme grand champion title?

[question #3]

what's the common nickname for the orange shorthair breed?

[question #4]

in which area do the food bowls not bounce around in petz 4?

[question #5]

which iris color number is referred to as slothy eyes?

[question #6]

which two original ac breeds are considered wildz?

[question 7]

which petz site came up with the popular selective breed called the tamsin?

[question 8]

what do you call a dog with an acrobaticness of zero?

[question 9]

in what year was the first dogz game released?

[question 10]

what does nib stand for when breeding petz?

[question 11]

which of the following flowers is not available to grow in petz 4?

[question 12]

which one of the following dog breeds from the ac will always trot?

[question 13]

who created the hexing programs lnz pro, tinker, and petz workshop?

[question 14]

which toy can be used to discipline your pet?

[question 15]

in the petz community, where does the term hexing come from?

[question 16]

if a cat has a dogginess value higher than 49, what can it do?

[question 17]

what's the name of the sheepdog host in the snow scene?

[question 18]

what does the petz community love to digitally create and collect?

[question 19]

how many new breeds were added to petz 5?

[question 20]

which cat breed always has fleas and sickness?

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