[ funfetti petz sticker sheets ]

ah, stickers. what is it about them that's just so appealing? i've been in love with them ever since i was a little girl. (does anyone remember the scratch and sniff ones that teachers would give you in school?!) stickers are just so fun, cute, and colorful... plus you can stick them anywhere! one of my favorite hobbies is collecting and using stickers, stationary, planners, washi, pens, etc.

not only do i like to buy and use stickers, but i also love to create my very own custom ones myself! i have sticker paper, a professional printer and silhouette cameo for cutting. i thought it would be fun to try creating some custom petz sticker sheets, as i didn't believe it had been done before, so i shared my idea on whiskerwick. everyone was so interested and excited to see me make them, so i went ahead and created the very first funfetti petz sticker sheet during the fall of 2021. it featured my favorite pup, bentley!

i'm really proud of these sticker sheets and i truly enjoy making them. i thought it would be awesome if more people in the petz community could enjoy them, so i decided to run regular raffles here on funfetti! each raffle gives you a chance to win your own custom funfetti sticker sheet - mailed straight to your house for free! so what are you waiting for? go enter now!

where would you stick your funfetti petz stickers? laptop? notebook? phone?