may 11, 2022
illustrated some petz-inspired mobile/desktop wallpapers under downloads!

[ previous updates ]

april 27, 2022
added new petz to the crew!
gave crowns to the new sgchs
another page of stamps filled out

april 15, 2022
new velveteen litter up for adoption!
added all my new easter egg hunt stamps
a bunch of new petz joined the crew
lots of new graphics in the gallery
tysm scribble for the site award!

april 5, 2022
sweet pink food bowl up for download!
added 4 new petz to the crew
linked serenity & sardonyx

april 3, 2022
2 new litters up for adoption!
added 4 new petz to the crew
gave crowns to my new sgch
new sister site: scribble ♡

march 29, 2022
4 new litters up for adoption!
new sister site: kathleen ♡
added 2 more pages of stamps

march 22, 2022
added 10 new petz to the crew!

march 20, 2022
happy first day of spring ✿
new toy available: magical soundscape radio!

march 13, 2022
my new butterfly terrarium is up for download!
added a ♛ next to sgch crew members

march 10, 2022
hexed a new golden watering can toy!
put a new cali mixie litter up for adoption
added a few new petz website links
made a brand new gallery page for graphics!
leon & legion from harvest joined our crew

march 7, 2022
added a link to lobb's petz site
updated my stamp collection
sticker raffle winner was drawn - congrats mouse!
added a bunch of new petz to my crew

february 25, 2022
added a cute tamagotchi owner clique
also added a magical clique for sailor moon fans
joined some new cliques
added a new lynxshie from xoops to my crew

february 22, 2022
added three new petz to my crew
filled out another binder page full of stamps
linked a couple new petz sites
joined two new cliques from moonflower
turned this update box into a log!

february 15, 2022
added valentine's day stamps to my collection
updated bentley's page with new pixel art